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Face it. You are obsessed with your smart phone. Your mind tells you that you must be connected or something terrible might happen. In reality, all a smart phone is, is a two way radio with other features intended to add value to the device.

It’s no accident that you are obsessed. Steve Jobs and others envisioned a user that was so attached and dependent that they’d feel uncomfortable, or worst when deprived of access for even a short time.

It’s really not that people are getting dumber and most are certainly not at all stupid.

It’s that people, especially younger – more tech savvy people – depend far too much on technology in their lives

Another Case-in-point: GPS. People find themselves lost in my neighborhood because their car’s nav system guides them to take

People are driving their cars into things “because the GPS told them to go there”. Now that’s scary. Videos are frequently posted of people playing with smart phones and walking into things or falling into water.

As a pilot – air traffic controllers:
Controlled flight into granite, when, on a clear day, a pilot flying only by instruments is neglected and would have resulted in flying into a mountain were it not for the skeptical pilot (me) calling them on the radio to remind them of their error (and making an unauthorized turn).

The Darwin awards: If you believe urban legends, this annual list celebrates people who’ve made the intimate sacrifice and died because of ridiculous action or circumstances that they have put themselves into. Another life wasted.

As we say in probate, you must learn to think outside the casket
You must be willing to use these devises only sparingly, as tools, but not essential to your life. Turn then off, leave them at home, detach and reacquaint yourself with your natural instincts.

Distractions with shiny objects and the transference of responsibility of situational awareness and the resultant chaos and calamity are just the human losses. Truth be told, the less obvious losses are opportunities that are often right under your nose (or around the next block).

As an investor, you must re-train your brain to become an opportunity detective. It’s essential that you begin recognizing when something doesn’t seem right or is out of place.

Situational awareness and a healthy paranoia that taps into your natural senses may save you from getting on the Darwin Awards list for 2015.

As I see it, my job is, in part, to help you learn to sniff out and spot probate real estateand missing owner opportunities that others either ignore or don’t smell.

This Friday is the monthly Hunting Club call.

My friend (and frequent competitor) JB will be our guest. You have to be a member to be on the call

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