My road map is a written business plan

Did you think that I just decided to work missing owner (abandoned) and probate real estate without much thought?

I’ve spent LOTS of time thinking about my market and both how to (and not to) reach my target prospects.

Over this past week I’ve been diligently working on updating and completing my four (4) written plans, which include:

Five Year Marketing Strategy – This plan encompasses the overall markets I target, including the geographic areas of emphasis, the niches I wish to increase market share in, the product/services that I will focus on and the online and offline media that I employ.

One Year Operating Plan – This is a tactical plan that details specific media channels and how resources (including budget) are allocated. Specifics like direct mail, public speaking, press releases and topics for promotion are selected for their most profitable immediate and long-term impact

2015 Marketing Calendar – This is a 12 month matrix that I use as my day-to-day and month-to-month planner. In my case, these start as 3X5 cards on a large wall-size cork backed bulletin board and are eventually reduced to a since page matrix table.

Training Events for Twelve Months – This is a simple list that I use to determine what I events I wish to attend, participate in and probate seminars to conduct. It allows me to prioritize those events, often multiple days, and block the time well in advance.

My friend Mike Cantu is a great example of a disciplined investor.

Mike has a written business plan and a “visual goal book”. Of course, it would really be better for him to describe what it is and why this method works for his business.

Make will be my guest for this month’s Hunting Club meeting, set for December 19th

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This will be the last free call before our membership becomes limited to paid members only.

Of course, only members will be able to ask Mike questions prior to or during the call.

Hunting Club Members will see major differences as I’m planning on going to a webinar format.

There will also be other exclusive member benefits like access to nationwide probate lead data for those who are actively running direct mail and door-knocking campaigns…

We plan to begin offering my Probate Secrets Unlocked course, too.

Look for and intro offer later this month for shipping in January.

Also, date(s) are being set for the Probate Protégé live training.

Hope to “see” you on the next call

“Plan your work and work your plan, but don’t plan the results”

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