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Connect with top experts in the field of California probate real estate.

Get help finding, listing and selling properties in probate.

Access exclusive probate, real estate and business training from Rick Harmon.

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If you’re currently generating leads and following up on the field, there’s a chance you’re missing out on the massive market of probate trust and aging sellers.

And that’s why I created this group.

As the go-to authority on California probate and other court-related real estate transactions, it’s a place where you can connect and learn from experts with decades-old probate experience. It’s also a peer-to-peer forum for sharing and helping each other with the marketing for your probate listings.

In simple terms, it’s all about finding and motivating clients and closing more sales.

If you join the group, you’ll have access to:

A community of agents, brokers, and a few top wholesalers and lead generators to ask questions to and get feedback from

The training and the basic tools to identify workable transactions (so your escrows run smoothly and close on time)

Services for your clients, like financial and impared title curative, so you can have a marketable listing and sale even in complicated probate situations

(Application takes 3 minutes or less)

About Rick Harmon
(AKA Founder & “Host” of the Probate Insider Community)

As someone who has successfully completed several thousand probate and trust-related transactions and been regularly called by attorneys for advice on their probate cases for the past 4 decades, I created this community as a forum where you can connect and learn from experts.

I’ll be active in the group offering advice, running live Q&A sessions, presenting webinars and sharing exclusive for-this-group-only educational content that will help you be successful not just in your complicated probate transactions, but in your real estate business as a whole.

See you there,


Join our private community and
become a probate insider today.

(Application takes 3 minutes or less)

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