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If you’re sick of the BS from twenty-something ‘experts’ who call you dude, and you’re hungry–no, making that starving–for real deal experience, field-proven strategies, tactics and techniques that really DO work AND peppered with the philosophy and wisdom only gained by many decades actively in business, then you’ve come to the right place. So get in, buckle up and hold on!


WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Lest you think I'd forgotten you, or that I was dead, I'm very much alive and quite busy. I’ve been remiss in posting for some time. You were warned that it was Rick’s Random Rants. My apology. Several weeks ago, Friday was a full moon. Because it's...

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Speaking April 15th in Arcadia

If you will be in the Los Angeles area on Wednesday, April 15th, please come join my friends as I give a little talk entitled: "Probate Profits for the Attention Deficient Investor" As you may know, I rarely speaks outside the legal and professional community. Bring...

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Do you have a roadmap?

My road map is a written business plan Did you think that I just decided to work missing owner (abandoned) and probate real estate without much thought? I’ve spent LOTS of time thinking about my market and both how to (and not to) reach my target prospects. Over this...

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Dining with the Donners

This past week my buddy Will and I ventured up through central California to visit fellow Bottomfeeder friends. Dennis Lanni treated us to a great lunch in Sacramento, rumored to be a favorite European eatery of former gubernator, Arnold Schwarzennegar. Also checked...

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Cascading problems and perfect storms

Ok, I'm going to turn up the heat on your thinking machine over the next few months. I'm willing to reveal several essential truths that I've discovered about finding opportunities. Tell me, what is the key to identifying owners who really, really want to sell? Did...

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Exploiting every opportunity

Do you remember the TV ads for the Popiel Pocket Fisherman? It was designed to offer a quick way to be fishing when you have limited time and don't want to miss an opportunity to catch fish. Similarly, if you are committed to hunting (of fishing) for abandoned,...

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