Real Estate Profit Strategies

1. Cash for keys

  1. Buy from legal owner(s)
  2. Buy from probate personal rep.

2. Bid at auction

  1. Be high bidder
  2. Straddle the sale (Control the surplus funds, too)

3. Lend and revert

  1. Make a loan then foreclose
  2. Make a loan to trustee of trust then foreclose
  3. Make loan to probate P.R. then foreclose

4. Buy assignment of heirs’ interest in estate

  1. Buy controlling interests from heirs
  2. Clear all heirs’ claims to estate to liberate or free-up distributive share claims
  3. Record imperfect TD from heirs on PIQ, then collect overbid

5. Jr. Beneficiary buy-out

  1. Purchase from beneficiary and foreclose
  2. Purchase and wait
  3. Record imperfect TD from (heirs) on PIQ, then collect overbid

6. Surplus funds

  1. Purchase from foreclosed out owner for recovery % or $ discount
  2. Pursue court held funds held in “interpleader” accounts

7. Chilled T/S Advance Method

  1. Foreclose on Jr. TD and advance or payoff Sr. loans morning of sale
  2. Buy Senior TD, advance big bucks for “repairs” if PIQ has major deferred maintenance or red-tagged, then foreclose on total debt

8. Adverse Possession

  1. Perform the required actions for five (5) years then sue to Quiet Title
  2. Fix, rent & leave title “as is”
  3. Purchase defect interest in property then “tack on” to their time
  4. Record Mechanics Lien to another entity for cost of improvements
  5. Record wild deed to the _____ trust for claim of title but no transfer tax and attach explanation letter to P.C.O.R.

9. Purchase Involuntary Debt (i.e., Judgments)

  1. Buy discounted judgment lien (after BK period) and wait
  2. Purchase attorney liens for probate fees
  3. Record Abstract of Judgment
  4. Foreclose judicially after determining Homestead Exemption
  5. Buy debt from Nursing Home, etc. perfect lien, then foreclosure

10. Buy lien from City or County

  1. Buy abatement liens
  2. Foreclose on lien judicially
  3. Protect sale by straddling with claim for surplus funds
  4. Attempt to control surplus funds resulting from Sheriff’s sale

11. Mechanics lien approach

  1. Purchase Mechanics Lien and foreclose judicially
  2. Create a mechanics lien and foreclose judicially
  3. Have contractor perform rehab, you as trustee of adverse possessor’s trust sign for repairs, record mechanics lien, assign and foreclose judicially.

12. Performance Trust Deed approach

  1. Use Option and Performance TD then foreclose if no performance

13. Purchase partial interest(s)

  1. Acquire partial interest of less than 100% in property then sue to Quiet Title
  2. “Partner Up” by purchasing a fractional interest from ALL owners, hold 100% of interest in a THT, rent property to other owners (who are now beneficiaries) until future ripens, then sell and distribute.

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