Ok, I confess. I’ve been doing both.

Lest you think I’d forgotten you, or that I was dead, I’m very much alive and quite busy.

Beginning in early January, we became exceptionally busy with both new transactions and older deals that were languishing and required a quick closing. Others were just messy and complicated, which is a normal part of our business model.

One file, a required a private professional fiduciary to become involved along with court order and act as temporary trustee to complete our deal.

In another case, a seller had inherited a home in Orange County but neglected to ever pay property taxes going back to 2008! No history of having ever paid anyone, including the attorney, the administrator or the IRS! This acquisition was referred by one of you following this blog.

Marketing has always been the best ROI fir me (after education, of course), Seeds I planted last year have grown faster than tropical bamboo shoots and for the first time in months I had my capital fully placed.

Some updates: Our RTPG focus will be directed towards people who make their living as full time real estate brokers, agents, and wholesalers with an emphasis on marketing.

Speaking: I’m scheduled to speak at the LA & Asian REIA in Arcadia, CA the evening of April 15th, 2015. I’ll provide links to the event when my friend Bill Tan makes them available. In the meantime, save the date.

Products: tomorrow we begin video production on two of our initial products, Probate Made Simple and Probate Secrets Unlocked. I hope to have then in the can and ready for release very soon.

The Hunting Club will become a free audio podcast so that everyone can enjoy the interviews with guest deal makers. If you’re subscribed, you can expect further announcements. We are setting up programming now and will use the iTunes and other platform.

“Plan your work and work your plan, but don’t plan the results”

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