In my last post I shared with you four of the plans that I was working on for 2015.

This is your roadmap that you use to keep you on track, whether simple or detailed.

Hopefully, you have a written plan and have (or are developing) the habit of reviewing it on a regular basis.

Have you ever noticed that your habits and distractions (and just plan life stuff) tend to creep into the part of your world that you are trying to change?

In the past, I’d start out the year with a long list of things I wanted to achieve.
Maybe you’re the same way.

Then, I’d realize that a week, month or even another year came and went and was astonished (and disappointed) at how many things just got pushed aside and never happened.

At the end of the year, just like adding a few pounds, I never noticed this happening.

The Japanese term KAIZEN is used in manufacturing to describe incremental changes.
I think the term is really more accurately used to mean constant improvement.

Are you like me, and know that, if I have a list of 52 things to work on, I’m not going get around to more than a few at best?

That’s human nature; ‘What we resist will persist’.

So, I’m finding that introducing just ONE NEW THING per week, like Kaizen, over the course of a year, massive improvement occurs.

Our phone system voicemail upgrade came on the list this past week.

I’ve been frustrated by how callers have sometimes been confused and could not follow the instructions that are used to separate and direct different call-types.

Time to stop messing around. I wanted this done right, by a professional.

I was done compromising with Fivrr quality voice talent.

The solution meant getting it off my list and in to someone else’s action list.

Susan Berkley is the voice of the AT&T operator and Citibank, too.

Susan’s a friend of mine from several marketing groups.

She one of the people who I enjoy discussing each other’s marketing plans with and has offered to be on a future Hunting Club Call, too.

In 24 hours I had professionally recorded announcements and prompts, sent the MP3 files to my voicemail service for uploading and menu restructuring.

And then comes the satisfaction of physically crossing this off my list.

Susan and I have spoken at length about deal making while attending several high-end marketing seminars. We’re all marketing people, after all.

Of course, in my opinion, no one has better real estate deal making skills than my friend Mike Cantu.

His commitment to constant improvement (again Kaizen) has impressed me from the first time we met.

I’ve heard him quote my own advice back to me on more than one occasion.
This suggests that I forget to employ my own advice sometimes!

I think Mike has inspired more single family house investors than anyone else that I know.

Whether you have met Mike in person before or have never even heard his name before, you’re in for a treat.

Mike will be my guest on the Hunting Club call.
This is our last planned free call.
Mike Cantu at desk

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