Really, it was inevitable. Someone decided to share their good fortune in real estate development profits.

The anonymous donor has placed cash in envelopes and small containers here in the L.A. Area and turn a generous Easter Egg- like Hunt into a media frenzy, by providing cues and clues in addictive Tweets.

I find it peculiar that people who, I would guess, never leave their cozy chairs or set down their smart phones were actually engaged and taking some action.

This activity will, at best, result in a handful of people discovering a few dollars, perhaps enough money to put a smile on their face and a story to tell their friends and families.

However, when the money has been spent (‘on a parking ticket’, as one participant said in a local TV interview), the last Twitter post re-tweeted and the excitement has left, it’ll just be long forgotten by the end of summer.

It’s understandable the Find Hidden Cash story was about sharing one’s fortune with others, but fails to discuss the big story: how the fortune was created in the first place!

If you are prospecting for deceased and missing owner property deals, however, you have a good chance of discovering an asset that leads to serious, life-changing money, as well as a way to tap into a tremendous number of potential super-bargain opportunities on a serial basis.

For instance, that old house just around the corner…the one with the overgrown bushes, that’s been boarded up for what seems like years.


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