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If you’re sick of the BS from twenty-something ‘experts’ who call you dude, and you’re hungry–no, making that starving–for real deal experience, field-proven strategies, tactics and techniques that really DO work AND peppered with the philosophy and wisdom only gained by many decades actively in business, then you’ve come to the right place. So get in, buckle up and hold on!

“Find Hidden Cash”

Really, it was inevitable. Someone decided to share their good fortune in real estate development profits. The anonymous donor has placed cash in envelopes and small containers here in the L.A. Area and turn a generous Easter Egg- like Hunt into a media frenzy, by...

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Who is a principal?

Who is a principal? Continuing with our PETIO formula, I want to spend some time on title. Its a little word, however it has big implications. Most people think of title merely as being the owner of something, as in the owner of real estate. When you look at real...

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Deciding to decide

Three frogs were sitting on a log. If two decided to jump into the pond, how many are left? Correct answer: three. The two only decided to jump. A decision is not action A while back, I used to go on long runs the late afternoon that would take me through many...

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It’s Door knocking Season

The single most profitable activity that I do is to personally knock on the door and speak directly to a principal. It's also the fastest way to find profitable deals. By principal, of course, I mean a person who has the ability to do business with me. The could be a...

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